Jessica Fong is a member of the class of 2004 at Boston Latin School, and has been enrolled in the college preparatory system since the seventh grade. She aspires to attend a college in the New England area, focusing on her studies in English and writing, and also wants to learn more on public relationships.

At Boston Latin, Jessica is a devoted member of volleyball, both on and off season. She contributes to the team as the essential middle back player, and also as the captain of a local Chinatown community team. Along with her dedication to volleyball, Jessica is also part of many clubs and is involved in many aspects of the school. In the Asian Students In Action club, she has been working for several years behind the scenes in the yearly production of Asia Night, from organization of tickets, admissions, helping the executive officers, and dining. Along with A.S.I.A., Jessica finds enjoyment in participating in several other clubs including the Bible Club, Mass Pre-Engineering Program, Hope Through Crafts, Premedical Society, and is an interviewer of BLS alumni in the Legacy Project. A member of the gospel choir, she will also be extending her musical endeavors into show choir and concert choir in her senior year.

Besides her commitment to the institutions of Boston Latin School, Jessica is also devoted to the Chinese community. She tutors over the summer at Josiah Quincy School, and is a past worker in the elementary school cluster office and summer school program. She applies her skills with children in her helping in extensive programs for child education, as well as Vacation Bible School, and as a care taker and teacher at the Boston Chinese Evangelical Church in Chinatown. She is a member of the Boston Chinese Neighborhood Center and spends several days a week in coaching and playing volleyball with other high school students. Her dedication to her church, BCEC, is shown in her avid joining in the Student Ministry Team for teenagers, and as a worship leader. In Chinatown, Jessica also commits much of her time to helping in her community, working with children in different programs, food pantries, visiting homeless people, and helping with neighborhood cleanups.

Having journeyed to many places around the globe, Jessica enjoys traveling across the world to Europe and Asia. She has a strong connection to her culture and Chinese background, and plans to return to Hong Kong in the next few years. Although she has not made many definite plans concerning college, one thing she is determined to do is spend a semester studying abroad.

For the upcoming school year, Jessica plans to focus much of her time on family before she goes to college, besides just schoolwork and extracurricular activities. The classes she will be taking next year include AP Literature, AP Environmental Science, and other literature classes in Greek and Latin. Although not sure where her future lies, she is open to the different possibilities she is learning of as a public servant.

Her host is the Harry Spence, Commissioner of the Massachusetts Department of Social Services.