Jared Coyne was born on August 15, 1990 in Boston, Massachusetts. The youngest of four children, Jared now lives with his mother, father, cat and dog after his older siblings have all left home to attend college. He has lived on Beacon Hill his entire life and enjoys being around the State House and political scene. As a child, he participated in numerous community activities including Boy Scouts, basketball, soccer, baseball and music lessons in saxophone and guitar. Jared now volunteers at the community center where he coaches the little league baseball team which he once played on.

Jared began attending the Boston Latin School after going to the Josiah Quincy School from kindergarten to sixth grade. He immediately found the work much more challenging and was forced to develop new study habits in order to succeed. He enjoys studying history and math and has taken such challenging classes as Honors Physics and Advanced Placement Unites States History. He looks forward to taking AP Government and Politics, Facing History and Ourselves and Environmental Science in his senior year. Since the eighth grade Jared has been a member of the Boston Latin football team spending two years on the freshman team, two playing Junior Varsity and is now excited to play on the Varsity team this fall. Playing football has taught him dedication and determination despite the Wolfpack’s unsuccessful seasons while playing far more athletic teams.

Ever since he was invited to attend the 2004 Democratic National Convention, Jared has been fascinated by politics. Seeing Barack Obama’s keynote address at the convention inspired him to pursue a career in law with the possibility of continuing into politics much like Obama did.  Jared has been closely following the 2008 Presidential Election and hopes that he too can go from an attorney to a U.S Senator and maybe, just maybe, become the President of the United States. As he enters his senior year Jared has begun to look at colleges in New England while considering his interest in law and passion for snowboarding. He plans on attending a school in Maine, Vermont or New Hampshire where he can enjoy the outdoors while preparing to go to law school.

Jared decided to apply for the Ward Fellowship after his older sister told him about what a great experience it was and how much fun she had. A job in an office was a welcome change for Jared after spending his previous summers working construction in Leominster.

Although he leaves his options open, Jared is interested in public service after seeing his mother’s dedication as a high school guidance counselor in the Boston Public School system. Working in the Law Department for the City of Boston is a perfect match for Jared as he also looks up to his father, who is an attorney. The Ward Fellowship has solidified Jared’s interest in law by working with lawyers for the city and attending court to watch trials. By working with William Sinnott and meeting with other public officials around the city Jared has  realized that one of the most important things you can do is give back to the community that gives you so much.