Izzy Daffin is a rising senior at Boston Latin School who grew up predominantly in Roslindale Massachusetts. Before she started her career at BLS, she spent  her adolescent years more involved in physical activities such as soccer, basketball, softball etc. Aside from the fun sports brought her, she realized that being a part of a team  and engaging with others was what she really wanted to do. 

While coming into Boston Latin as a sixie, she continued to participate in these activities but also found interest in other hobbies as well. For several years, she has been an active member of BLS TAG( Talented and Gifted Latinos), where in her junior year she served as the Public Relations officer.  Izzy has had a pleasure working within TAG because she has gotten the opportunity to give back to her local latinx community. Her junior year, she enjoyed becoming acquainted with her younger peers and discussed the  economic and social issues  not only in America, but around the world. She is excited to enter her senior year as Vice President. 

Aside from the clubs that Izzy takes part in, she has learned to acknowledge many of the rigorous courses her school has offered her. From the beginning stages at BLS,  she gravitated towards any of the history classes that were taught. Sophomore year, she took AP World History where she enjoyed learning about the cultural , economic, and political developments that have shaped our world.  

Izzy is delighted to have the opportunity of working in the State House and getting a further glimpse into public service. She is eager to see how this experience over the summer will shape her ideas on local government and how she can contribute more to her community.