Born on June 29th. 2001 at the crack of dawn, Hilary Wong has spent the last 17 years of her life living in Fenway. 
For as long as she could remember, she was always equipped with an argumentative spirit: ready to challenge anything and everything with the mentality that all that can be argued, should be argued. But as she grew older and eventually more mature and politically literate, petty arguments quickly transformed themselves to full fledged debates about the world around her. Whether it be about the sustainability of the Western capitalist model or the viability of a single-payer healthcare system in the United States, the topic of public policy and economics fascinated and continue to fascinate Hilary. 
This interest was what ultimately motivated Hilary to further her knowledge of government and politics, eventually leading to her enrolling in an AP Comparative Government course during her junior year at Boston Latin. Through learning about how different and unique each country’s government operated, she gained a newfound interest in government. She looks forward to supplementing that interest with the AP Economics and Foreign Policy courses she will be enrolling in for the coming year. 
Outside of school, she is extremely active within her school and her local community. As the co-president of the Asian Students in Action student organization in her school and a program manager for Asian Community Development Corporation, she has been an advocate for placemaking initiatives that help to revitalize traditionally “ghetto” neighborhoods to instill a clearer sense of community. 
This summer, Hilary will serve as the Ward fellow for Anthony Benedetti, the Chief Counsel of the Committee for Public Counsel Services, and she looks forward to learn more about the different careers in the public sector. She is currently interested in Economics and hopes to pursue it as a major in college.