Hey guys! My name is Eliot Usherenko, and I reign from the kingdom of West Roxbury. I love reading books about various political figures and elections in U.S history, while still learning more about other nations in the world and their respective cultures. It is this knowledge which I seek to carry with me as I pursue future studies in college and beyond in international affairs and law. Yet, the unique experience of working in Governor Charlie Baker’s Office of Constituent Services is one which I will hold dearly to my heart. The opportunity to be active in Massachusetts politics and assist civilians who need help is precisely why I applied for the fellowship. Having been captain of the varsity crew team and an active member in my local and school community, the Ward Fellowship is the perfect place to learn the qualities of a leader and establish a good work ethic. I had barely established myself in ninth grade, receiving mediocre grades and still in search of something which I can be passionate about. Once I discovered my strong interest in politics, I immediately began working harder in my subjects and becoming more involved in extracurricular activities such as sports and clubs. That same interest in government lead to my joining the Junior Statesmen of America organization and my establishing of a chapter at BLS. Now that I had overcome my previous challenges as an underclassman, I yearned for a new perspective of government, one that was not described to me through literature. When I first heard of the Ward Fellowship, I knew that the program was a good fit for me, and I could barely contain my excitement at the news of my getting accepted. I cannot describe how thankful I am for all of those who have helped me reach my current point, and how grateful I am to the Honorable Judge Wolf and other sponsors for the special opportunity they give to BLS students. John Ward once said, “One must act as if one can make a difference,” and I am confident in saying that this year’s Ward Fellows will follow this message.

Some of my interests include rowing, swimming, and hanging out with friends, and one fact that not many people know about me is that I was a ballroom dancer for 7 years.