Born in Cambridge, Darius Banani began attending Boston Latin School in the fall of 1998 as a sixie, eager to do something productive during his tenure. Currently sixteen years of age, Darius has just completed his penultimate year at BLS with flying colors. Enthusiastic about the upcoming college admissions process, Darius looks forward to the challenges that inevitably lie ahead in his final year at BLS.

A timid child in his early years, Darius eventually learned the importance of participating in extracurricular activities for the purpose of becoming acquainted with the throngs of students that adorn the hallowed halls of BLS. Having joined the tennis team in eighth grade, he worked tirelessly on his game and became a full-time member of the varsity team the following year. He plays 1st violin in the school String Ensemble since eighth grade, as well.

In addition to the aforementioned interests, Darius participates in public and prize declamation. Never hesitant to have the attention directed on him, he relishes his time on stage. This past year (his junior year in high school) Darius had the privilege of partaking in Prize Declamation, a time-honored tradition at BLS. He also was an emcee at the ever-popular BLS Asian Night. Furthermore, he was flattered to be selected as the student speaker at the Spring 2003 NHS Induction Ceremony.

Darius believes it essential to strive to do the best one can while recognizing one’s limitations. That is why Darius labors diligently in whatever the task at hand may be: a physics paper late at night, learning a new piece on the violin, playing tennis, etc?

Through many of the jobs and positions that he has held, Darius has become more accustomed to the notion of service; that is, doing any sort of hard and dedicated work on behalf of others, without expecting any financial gain. From 2000-2002, he devoted himself to improving the sailing skills of Boston youth at the Courageous Sailing Center in Charlestown, MA. While ensuring proper instruction of the deep-rooted pastime, Darius also made it imperative that his students be informed of the problems threatening the wellbeing of the Boston Harbor and outlying areas. It was part of the Save the Harbor/Save the Bay conservation program.

In August 2002, Darius was afforded the opportunity that few teenagers are: he spent the month in rustic Emines, Belgium, where he worked as a camp counselor. It was a daily priority for him to facilitate the lives of the young Belgian campers as the co-coordinator of children’s activities. Initially, Darius faced the difficulties of an alien culture: one where the nuances of the language are tough to grasp, the people tend to be impatient with a foreigner, and where success is oftentimes met with hardship. In spite of obvious disadvantages, Darius managed to be a very successful counselor in the end.

Darius is an avid collector of toy soldiers and stamps. He enjoys listening to Michael Jackson in his spare time. Although it is rarely possible, on account of his busy schedule, Darius also likes to get out to the cinema as often as possible to check out the latest flicks.