Daniel Shpigel

Born as a first generation American, Daniel Shpigel grew up in Newton, MA, to a Ukranian father and a Bellarussian mother. He did not speak english until he was seven years old, Daniel had his elementary education at the British International School of Boston before transferring to Boston Latin School before the seventh grade. He so far he’s served as the treasurer of both Model United Nations and Junior State America, as well as the president of Jewish Culture Club.  Having begun his MUN career in 6th grade at the British school he sought to join and contribute to the  BLS club as early as his first year, winning two awards that year alone. Daniel’s second grade teacher had a quote hung up in huge letters in the entrance to her classroom reading “YOU ARE THE CHANGE”. With that in the back of his mind and experiences with Model UN, Daniel decided to pursue a career in public service and law as that was the way in his mind of being able to make the most change in the best way. Throughout Daniel’s tenure at BLS, he has been a part of multiple junior varsity and varsity teams including soccer, track and field and sailing. The latter of which he now serves as a captain. This experience on multiple athletic teams both in and out of school as well as his extracurricular activities gave him valuable leadership experience that he could then apply later in life. Through the last 17 years of his life he has had his fair share of unique experiences, from free skiing down mountains in Slovakia to nearly escaping death at the hands of a drug farmer in the french province of Guadeloupe to getting chased by a shark while on a sailboat in Antigua and Barbuda. All of these stories have left marks on him as a person and what makes him Daniel Shpigel.

Dan’s sponsor is Inspector General Glenn Cunha.