I wanted to participate in the John William Ward Fellowship because I knew it would allow me to see the intricacies that go into every governing decision and how these decisions eventually affect the average citizen. I participated in the Deitch Leadership Institute Fellowship last year, and part of the reason why I enjoyed that experience so immensely was the ability to visit the various job sites that were part of the program, from Commonwealth Financial to the Perkins School for the Blind. While the Ward fellowship is much more focused on the public sector, I look forward to having the same rich and diverse experience as a Ward Fellow this summer.

In school, my favorite subject happens to be history. For me, reading a well-written history textbook often feels like I’m reading an intricate story that still continues, which makes it all the more exciting. I’ve also been part of the Boston Latin School Student Council since freshman year, and I am now the current President. My hope is that I can apply the experiences and skills from this fellowship to Student Council’s mission to provide a safe, successful, and enjoyable learning environment for BLS students. Other BLS clubs in which I heavily participate include the BLS Junior Classical League, the BLS Jubilee Project, and the Cantonese Culture Club. Outside of school, my main interests are singing, writing, dancing, and graphic arts. One of my hopes for the future is to find a way to somehow reconcile my passion for government with my passion for the creative arts.

Public service interests me in particular because it is an integral part of the mission of the United Nations. Ever since attending a middle school Model UN conference concerning human rights and winning the best delegation award, I knew that I wanted to work in the public sector. In fact, I now plan on studying government/politics and international relations extensively in the future. My ultimate goal is to enact change globally, and I feel that starting with my home state would be a great way to get started on accomplishing my life-long goal. For me, the Ward Fellowship has been a once-in-a-lifetime chance to take that first step.