Charlotte Terrass

My name is Charlotte Terrass and I recently graduated from Boston Latin School. This fall, I will be attending Harvard University as a Government major. I have spent my whole life in Boston surrounded by many friends and family. I have almost always had a passion for politics, even though for most of my life that was never translated into an active involvement. I assumed that I was too young to participate in politics, which I had equated with the adult sphere. However, in doing so, I was complicit in the same sentiment that is happening too often within our democracy — disillusionment. I believed that any involvement in politics that I made would be minute and inconsequential. It wasn’t until my internship with the Marty Walsh campaign that I realized the importance of an active and engaged constituency. This idea was furthered through my participation in both U.S. history and U.S. government classes. As I learned more about the intricacies of our government system, I became fully aware of the importance of individual participation as well as the opportunity for change at the state and municipal level. This summer, I hope to pursue my interest in government as I work for State Representative Jon Santiago.