Carly J. Heffernan, growing up in a small North End apartment with her family, is a rising senior at the
oldest school in America; Boston Latin High School. Her family’s apartment holds her supporting and kindhearted parents, Mary Ellen and Daniel Heffernan, her younger brother, Patrick, and their furry friend, a guinea pig named Buddy. In May, Patrick successfully completed his Sophomore year at the Holderness School in Plymouth, NH, a skiing-enthusiast boarding high school (and, of course, Carly missed him dearly).
From a young age, Carly engaged in a variety of team and individual sports including soccer, basketball,
lacrosse, skiing and swimming. Her fall, winter and spring weekdays and weekends were full of practices and games. And in the summer she was lucky enough to travel with her teams or family to far away locations such as Canada, Colorado, Thailand, Florida, Granada, and London. Now, joining Latin School as a 7th grader, Carly participates on three varsity girls sports teams; soccer, basketball and lacrosse. For her senior year, her peers elected her captain of the soccer and basketball teams.
In addition to athletics, Carly volunteers with her father as a Route Coordinator every October in the
American Cancer Society’s Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk that includes over 40,000 walkers. She also visited Granada, Spain, this past summer for a month-long cultural and language immersion. Being close to Boston’s downtown area, along with the orange and green line, she also enjoys exploring the city’s many museums and attending an assortment of events. She can also be found walking the Boston streets w/ her Canon EOS T6 strung across her neck seeking unique photography opportunities of her camera-embarassed friends.
During her first Government and Politics class and whilst watching the 2017 Presidential elections unfold this past school year, Carly’s interest in politics unfolded. Before this class, she was uninvolved and unaware of many current political affairs. However, she had a compelling interest in Massachusetts’s Governor Charlie Baker since his first term in 2015. His courageous and bold decisions, based on his morals instead of his party’s definitive
Republican views, are inspiring and uncommon. In her future years, Carly currently anticipates attending a large mid-western or west coast college such as the University of Colorado Boulder or U. of California Berkeley. Carly is undecided about her future employment career but extremely excited to explore the path and unlimited opportunities of politics as offered by the Ward Fellowship internship program