Camille Shilland

Camille Shilland has lived in Boston’s South End her whole life with her parents and two sisters. Her mother and father immigrated to the United States from Italy and Scotland, respectively, and travel has always been an important part of her life. She hopes to combine her interest in travel with her passion for law and public service by pursuing a career as a diplomat. 

Camille first became interested in law at a young age after hearing stories of her great-grandfather’s experience as a judge on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit. In 8th grade, she had the opportunity to experience the legal field herself by participating in a program at City Hall, working alongside lawyers and arguing a mock case at the Moakley Courthouse in front of federal judges. Then, during the summer after her sophomore year, she studied her state’s history in depth and served as a tour guide of the Massachusetts Statehouse. Both of these hands-on experiences gave her a chance to personally participate in the worlds of law and public service and gain a better understanding of ways in which she could make a difference in her community. 

Within the BLS community, Camille serves as an officer for Student Council and the Computational Linguistics Club. She is also a member of The Register’s literary board and recently became involved in EPIIC (Education for Public Inquiry and International Citizenship), and JSA (Junior State of America). She is passionate about community service, and loves leading tours of BLS as well as tutoring fellow students in Latin. After graduating from high school, she intends to major in classics and study culinary arts before entering politics. 

As a firm believer in the power of the public voice against corrupt leaders and institutions, Camille is thrilled to have the opportunity to learn more about public service through the Ward Fellowship!

Camille’s sponsor is Boston City Councilor Michelle Wu.