Anna Wilcox

Anna Wilcox was born in Manhattan, New York and moved to the South End of Boston around her second birthday where she has lived ever since.

From a young age, Anna felt a firm connection and commitment to the environment. She joined her high school environmental club, and helped lead education about climate awareness and
manage green initiatives within the school. Realizing that she was interested in making a broader impact, Anna joined statewide environmental organizations where she lobbied legislators to
support strong renewable energy commitments, equitable carbon pricing, and to empower environmental justice communities.

Anna helped lead the Massachusetts Climate Education Organization, which drafted a bill to mandate interdisciplinary climate education be taught across the Commonwealth in grades K-12.
An educated populace is vital to assess and act upon threats to our community, such as the climate crisis. To continue this mission of public awareness, Anna joined her school newspaper
serving as a reporter and later a Head Editor. She also lobbied for increased transparency in state government, and she was absolutely thrilled to have the opportunity to ensure accountability and transparency within state government at the Office of the Inspector General this summer.

Anna will be continuing her passions for accountability, transparency and sustainability at University of California, Berkeley this fall.