I was born in Saint Elizabeth’s Hospital, on August 14th, 1997. For the first two years of my life I grew up in Brighton, but when my mother began expecting my younger sister, my family decided to move to a larger house in Allston. I have two younger sisters, Maeve and Rose, and we are each three years apart (Rose is ten, Maeve is thirteen, and I am sixteen). When we moved to Allston, we found a beautiful two-family home that would allow my Grandparents to live on one side, and my parents, my sisters and I to live on the other.  In the 1950’s, my Grandfather and Grandmother emigrated from Canada to America, he from New Brunswick and she from Nova Scotia. He came to Boston to further his education, eventually pursuing and earning a doctorate in United States History from Boston University. She came because her brother had gone to Harvard, and she had found a job at the college. Ever since I was young, I’ve made regular trips across the front porch in order either to sit with my Grandmother while she knits and listen to her stories, or to relax with my Grandfather in front of the television and root for the Red Sox. Every year, my family travels up to Nova Scotia for two weeks, where my Grandparents own a summer home. The area is absolutely amazing, and the house is perfectly positioned between the beach, surrounding lakes, and woods.

I attended the Thomas Gardner Elementary School (now the Gardner Pilot Academy) through third Grade, and then went to the Jackson Mann K-8 School for advanced work classes from fourth to sixth grade. Much of my family has gone to Boston Latin, with my cousin in attendance at the time and my father, two aunts, and uncle all proud graduates. There was a lot of pressure to get into Latin, but when I arrived home one day during the end of sixth grade and read that I was accepted, all of the ward work proved to be worth it.

I am a rising senior at Boston Latin, and I can’t wait for the year to begin (although I love my internship). I believe Latin School has taught me so much about myself, and has instilled in me the need for success and a hard work ethic. At Latin, I’ve met so many amazing people, and I’ve learned to love so many amazing things. This past year, I found that I really liked studying United States history, and I’ve begun to think about what I want to pursue in life. I’ve thought about what I want to major in and what career path I want to follow, and Boston Latin has been essential to the process. At Latin, I play both Football and Lacrosse. I am on the Varsity Football team, and I play Defensive Back and Wide Receiver. When I came to BLS, there was no Lacrosse team, and so towards the end of my ninth grade year, some friends and I decided to start one. I helped raise $32,000 for our first year in 2012, $32,000 for our second year in 2013, and we are on track to raise $64,000 for this upcoming season. For our first two seasons, we were only allowed a Junior Varsity team to measure student interest, but due to the overwhelming amount of boys and girls trying out for the teams, a Varsity team will be introduced for the 2014 season.

When looking at my future, and trying to decide what I want to do, I’ve discovered many areas that I could see myself pursuing. I’m interested in public service and government, but I am also interested in finance, law, business and engineering. There’s so much I can do with my life, and I have a ways to go before deciding exactly what I want to do.