Amiel Rameywinikur

Born in Philadelphia, raised in Roslindale, Amiel’s life has always been about change. He went to the Sumner for kindergarten, the Philbrick for K2 through third grade, the Bates for fourth and fifth,¬† the Irving for sixth, and Boston Latin school from then on. He tried Lacrosse, Soccer, Tennis, Swimming, and Baseball, but no sport fit him until he found Basketball. As you can see, he never stuck to one place for very long. Except, of course, Boston Latin. Amiel always wanted to be an inventor when he was younger. The fantasy of creating cool gadgets appealed to his young mind, unburdened by the realities of life. Just like his schools his ideal future changed over time. However, the theme of creation and change persisted. He never gave up on the idea of changing the world. As he began exploring in the professional sphere he became increasingly interested in the interconnectedness of science and politics. The idea of creating change in the community and developing a better world was a new focus for Amiel. Fixated on the importance of preserving the environment he wanted to learn about how public policy can be used to create change and help others. The opportunity to gain a greater understanding of the work that local officials do appealed to him. He wanted to apply to the Ward fellowship and dive into the world of public service.