Alejandro Smith has lived in Boston for his whole life. He currently lives in a neighborhood bordering Jamaica Plain and Roslindale with his mother, older sister, and younger brother.

Alex has always been active and involved in activities inside and outside the classroom. Alex attended Saint Andrew’s School in Jamaica Plain from grades 1-6.  During those years, Alex always participated in the local Forest Hills league and excelled in such sports as baseball, basketball, etc. Alex joined the Saint Andrew’s CYO basketball team when he was only in fifth grade and greatly enjoyed the experience.

Alex entered Latin School in grade 7 and quickly realized the sudden change in the curriculum. Alex claims that he will never forget his seventh grade Earth Science class because of the difficult homework assignments and constant studying and learning about topics that he did not consider interesting or even important. However, Alex knows that it was this hard work that helped shape him into the assiduous student that he is today.

One of Alex’s many career options involves the study of business. Alex has always been interested in owning his own business and acting as his own boss. Alex currently works at a popular Italian bakery in Roslindale and over the years has witnessed the rigors of owning a small business. Alex plans on using the knowledge that he has learned there and one day opening up a successful business of his own in the Boston area.

Before becoming a Ward Fellow, Alex admits that he was not completely up-to-date current politics. However, throughout his experience this summer, Alex feels that he has learned a great deal about the role of government in our society and now deeply admires the many hard-working politicians that dedicate their lives and careers to public service.

Alex also knows the importance of being involved in extra-curricular activities within the Boston Latin School community. While maintaining a steady job throughout the school year, Alex was also a member of the Indoor and Outdoor Track team during his sophomore and junior year. His favorite races include the 300 and 400 yard runs. Notably, Alex attended and participated in almost all of the championship events for both seasons.

Alex has also always shown a strong interest in the arts and this year participated in the Art Club as well as the Fashion Talent Show, designing and producing the artwork on the front stage. Alex was also once a member of the organization Artists for Humanity in South Boston, where other artists throughout Boston helped him to develop skills in painting on canvases. Alex plans on taking an Art course in college.

Alex is interested in applying to such schools as Fordham University, Boston College, Northeastern University, Providence College, University of Massachusetts at Amherst, and many others. However, Alex is keeping his options completely open and does not plan on making any final decisions until he has visited all of the schools and has learned what each school has to offer. Alex’s main concern right now is doing well on his SAT exam, which he will take in only a few months, and is thus taking an SAT class at Kaplan in Newton.

When he is not working, one can find Alex spending his time in Roslindale with his friends that he has known for years. Alex still enjoys playing sports and does so whenever possible.

Alex will be a senior in September 2004. As a very ambitious and intelligent person, Alex only sees great things coming his way in the future and believes that the Ward Fellowship program has provided him with the experience and ideals that will help guide him towards a successful career in whichever field he chooses.

His sponsor is Speaker Thomas M. Finneran.