Albert was born in Boston to Chinese Immigrants who came to the United States for graduate school. Growing up, Albert was exposed to equal amounts of Chinese and American cultures. Albert has been living in West Roxbury since 2015 when he moved there from Arlington. Having an interest in international politics and Social Justice since eighth grade, Albert founded his club, BLS Voices Of The Empowered (BLS VOTE), in ninth grade as a means of spreading political awareness. He founded his club’s online newsletter, Veracium, later that year and has been the Editor-in-Chief of it since. Veracium has filled the niche of being Boston Latin’s history and civics newsletter, publishing articles about social, political, and economic current events from around the globe. It became a printed magazine in 2022. Albert has also had a profound interest in education justice in Boston. He was on the BPS Student Advisory Council board from 2021-2022 where he assisted with the development of BPS’ Community Hub Schools program which seeks to make BPS schools more equitable through resource and facility sharing. Albert was also invited to interview candidates for the Community Hub Schools Coordinator position. Since the spring of 2022, Albert has been working for Boston City Councilor At-Large Erin J. Murphy where he not only updated and redesigned the Councilor’s newsletter, website, and logos, but also started a year long project to track down past BPS valedictorians to collect valuable data and insights on how to better budget and reform Boston’s high schools. The data from the “Valedictorian’s Project” was used in Councilor Murphy’s Cradle to Career Bill, co-signed by City Council President Ed Flynn as well as Councilors Frank Baker and Michael Flahrety. Albert has also had an interest in learning languages. Being raised by immigrant parents, Albert is fluent in Mandarin and English. However, he has also self taught himself Japanese as well as taking Spanish at BLS. He uses this interest to teach Chinese immigrants and exchange students English. He is also a member of the BLS Varsity Crew Team and has been on the team since the start of his Sixie year. Albert hopes to gain deeper insights into how the State Government functions from his internship with the Massachusetts School Building Authority from the Ward Fellowship.