Aidan, born and raised in Mission Hill, always loved Boston. From his early days playing pick-up football behind the Curley K-8 in Jamaica Plain to his time at Boston Latin School, Aidan’s upbringing was filled with physical activity and a love for reading. In 8th grade, Aidan’s passion for government and civic engagement blossomed during his civics class. It was this fascination with government and history that propelled Aidan towards a career in public service. Aidan’s journey in public service commenced when he secured an internship with the City of Boston in the Department of Veterans Services. This experience not only taught him the significance of community outreach, but also allowed him to utilize his photography skills to support the department. Through attending various city events, Aidan gained valuable insight into how information is disseminated throughout the city. Witnessing firsthand the department’s dedication to assisting those in need further instilled in him a sense of duty and responsibility. Motivated by his passion for public service, Aidan eagerly seized the opportunity to apply for the Ward Fellowship. Recognizing the fellowship as an incredible chance to continue his career in public service, Aidan was drawn to the program’s emphasis on personal growth and community impact. At BLS, Aidan also participates in many extracurricular activities. He is athletically involved as catcher of the JV baseball team, engages in intellectual competitions through Certamen, and demonstrates leadership as the president of the Video Game Club. In his leisure time, Aidan finds joy in playing video games and engaging in volunteer work with his friends. Aidan’s unique background and experiences have shaped him into who he is today – someone who cares deeply about his community and believes public service is a great way to better Boston for its residents.