Toluwalope Moses was born on May 24, 2000 in Benin City, Nigeria. She not yet three years old when her mother and father dropped their prestigious careers and everything else to give their children a world class education. She and her family currently reside in Hyde Park, just on the edge of Mattapan. As a young girl in elementary school she was a bookworm; she read everything from fantasies as fantastic as Harry Potter to some of the biographies of the world’s most resilient leaders. The fire to read is still so hungry within her, although the time for it has seen a rather steep decline to academic demand.

Upon her entrance into Boston Latin School she immediately became involved in B.L.A.C.K., a social justice/cultural organization that seeks to educate the school about modern-day Black issues but to also celebrate African and African-American culture. Currently, she is a publicist of BLS BLACK. She joined Step Squad during her junior year of high school and has never looked back. She enjoys volunteering in the main office during her study periods answering phone calls and sorting mail as well as volunteering at Northeastern [University] on Saturdays to teach rudimentary science to middle school girls.

This past school year she decided to take AP Government and Politics, not because she knew she might want to work in government someday, but just for the sheer fact that is sounded interesting. Completion of the course has left her with a cultivated desire to perhaps pursue law, and a better understanding of one’s duty and political power as an average citizen. Her sophomore year of high school, she joined the Mayor’s Youth Council, an advisory organization for teens that essentially plans and organizes the initiative of how to spend 1 Million dollars of the city’s money. That saw her greatest civil participation at a fairly ripe age. Thus, having completed the course and having participated in this organization, she simply had to apply for the Ward Fellowship.

An opportunity to work with a Federal judge and get to see the legal process first had was simply too great to pass up. It would only cement the surest way to rub elbows with prestigious civil leaders of her very own city.

[This summer, Tolu is working for Federal Judge Patti Saris.]