Wendy Lee, a resident of the South End-Boston, is an upcoming senior at the Boston Latin School. She will graduate with the Class of 2002 and plans to continue her education in college the following fall.

Wendy is involved with numerous aspects of the Latin School. She has been a sprinter for the outdoor track and field team in her early years, a power hitter for the volleyball team, and will continue to pursue competitive swimming for the next school year. She develops her artistic talents as a photographer for the school newspaper The Argo working as an Art Editor for the school literary magazine Register, and playing the flute for the Senior Concert Band.

Believing the fact that her school community can be further strengthened, Wendy has been a member of the Student Council since seventh grade and more recently, its secretary. She is currently a member of the Regional Student Council and aspires to voice the issues concerning her school, as well as the opinions of her fellow peers.

An active member of her community, Wendy devotes her time to the Mayor’s Youth Council, a collaboration of young neighborhood representatives whose goals include resolving citywide issues and connecting Boston youth to solid resources. She also spends designated weekends in guiding groups of students in eye-opening discussions of the pressing issue of homelessness and in volunteering at local shelters as a Youth Outreach Weekend Leader. She dedicates her Thursday evenings to practicing the ancient art of Chinese lion dancing and martial arts with the unique Gund Kwok Asian Women Lion Dance Troupe.

A strong believer in the theory that “All men die but not all live,” Wendy fosters a wide range of interests and a myriad of dreams for the future, including extensive travel and making poignant differences in people’s lives with her line of work, although the type of work still remains a variable. Her internship with Commissioner Lauren Liss of the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection provides her with wonderful opportunity to explore and learn more about the surroundings in which she lives in, to protect the public from excess nitrite in water, and more.

With organizations like the Ward Fellowship, the words of John William Ward will indeed live on: “We have the intelligence and the will to create good government . . .”