Nicholas Milano was born in 1988. He lives in Roslindale with his parents and two younger sisters, Elise and Victoria.

Following in the footsteps of his father Nick entered Holy Name Parish School in 1993 for kindergarten.  He stayed at Holy Name through the sixth grade until he left for Boston Latin School. Nicholas wanted to continue the family tradition of attending the Boston Latin School. His grandfather, Vincent Milano, is a graduate of the Class of 1951. Both his parents, Peter V. Milano and Maureen Davoren Milano, are graduates of the Class of 1976. His mother was one of in the first 16 girls to graduate from Latin (a fact she has never let Nick forget.)

At BLS Nick has been playing soccer for five years, performing in the band, and writing for the BLS newspaper, the Argo. Nick has taken rigorous classes at Latin and has also created time for non-academic activities. Nick participated in Parkway Little League, Parkway Youth Soccer, and Parkway Youth Hockey.  Outside of sports, Nick has also been an integral part of a different community: his church.  Since seventh grade, he has been a lector at the 9 am Family Mass at Holy Name Church in West Roxbury, while also volunteering at various parish activities.

Nick became interested in the Ward Fellowship after hearing his AP US History teacher, Ms. Holm, advocate its benefits in class one day. He has always been interested in the whole system of government, fascinated by how it works and the people who make it work. Nicholas plans on studying political science in college and working for a politician on political campaigns or working in a government office. This summer Nicholas is working for the Inspector General, Gregory W. Sullivan, as a Ward Fellow. He is also working at the Roche Brothers Supermarket in West Roxbury, a part-time job he has had for three years. Also, for local political experience, he will be working on John Connolly’s campaign for city-councilor at large.

Nick will be a senior in September of 2005 and is looking forward to the end of his six year tenure at Boston Latin. Because Nick is so interested in studying political science, he hopes to attend college in Washington D.C.

The Ward Fellowship has provided Nick with an insider’s glimpse into the Inspector General’s job and duty and a peek at the rewards that public service has to offer.