Marcus Hughes enrolled at Boston Latin School in the seventh grade. In the fall of 2001 Marcus will be senior at BLS. Also, he has current academic aspirations of attending any one of a number of colleges located on the east coast, including Boston College, Tufts University, Northeastern University, or Georgetown University.

As a student at Boston Latin, Marcus Hughes earnestly attempts to exemplify leadership. He has participated in football for the last five years, and has recently been named the varsity team’s co-captain for the 2001 season. He also is captain of his varsity track team at BLS, a sport to which he has been devoted for the last three years. Along with his presence at the helm of two varsity sports, Marcus is also an avid swimmer and hiker during the off-season, and has been doing both sports for the last eight years. Marcus is an outstanding linebacker for the Wolfpack, but is currently undecided if he will continue the sport in college. Yet he has dreams of playing in Division Three’s NESCAC conference for Tufts University.

Despite his relentless devotion to athletics, Marcus has considerable interests in the fields of law and government. He has always been fascinated with local Boston area politics, and honestly finds this opportunity to meet public officials through the Ward Fellowship as a hugely beneficial experience. Yet Marcus is not only interested in politics, he genuinely makes it a “top priority” for him to read the Herald or the Globe from cover to cover because he is intensely captivated by current events. World news, entertainment, music, and sports articles never escape his eyes because of his belief that all humans need to be cultured and well-rounded. Marcus has aspirations of becoming a Stanley Miller Fellow during college. This fellowship would be extremely important to Marcus because he believes it would be enormously inspiring and worthwhile to learn about politics from the world’s leader. After college Marcus plans to attend law school, but is unsure what type of law he would enjoy practicing in the future. However he is certain that a trip to the west coast or to Great Britain for law school may be on the horizon.

Marcus Hughes has a final special interest outside government and athletics: community service. Marcus is particularly focused on fighting homelessness and poverty in the major metropolises of the United States. He has worked with the Boston Youth Organization Project and the Greater Boston Interfaith Organization in the past on projects that have attempted to feed hungry citizens in the Boston area. He has also been an annual walker in the Walk for Hunger for the last three years, which is also an initiative to combat poverty and hunger. Marcus is currently trying to volunteer for a second time with the Greater Boston Food Bank located in Roxbury.

For the upcoming school year Marcus will be spending a great deal of his time playing football. Also he plans to run for vice president of his senior class, a seat he is optimistic about winning. He is also thinking about spending some time working on a political campaign this year.

His host is the Honorable Ralph C. Martin II, the district attorney for Suffolk County.