At the Age of seventeen, Ethiopiah Al-Mahdi has established a respectable and credible career at Boston Latin School. As both a young African American woman and proud member of the class of 2005, this strong minded and opinionated scholar has achieved excellence academically as well as spiritually, and only hopes to continue her success in her future careers. Overcoming personal obstacles, including her mother’s death in the year 2001, she endures the rigors of her scholastic obligations, with the spirit of her mother deeply embedded in every aspect of this young woman’s soul. Born and raised in Dorchester as one of five, Ethiopiah has always been heavily influenced by her Caribbean and African American heritage, incorporating aspects of these cultures passionately in her many extra curricular commitments. Ethiopiah is president of the Young Leaders of Color, a student run organization, which last year, was dedicated to altering the consistently diminishing population of students of color attending Boston Latin School. Public service is an important aspect of the Y.L.O.C; along with encouraging the black community to strive for excellence academically, the Young Leaders of Color also recognize the importance of involvement in one’s community. Most recently the Y.L.O.C. participated in registering thousands of young voters with the Dunk the Vote foundation at the Boston Hip Hop Summit. Ethiopiah is also secretary of the Caribbean Club, a contributing writer to the schools acclaimed newspaper, the Argo, an athlete on the indoor track team, a member of Amnesty International, and a participant in both public as well as prize declamation.

Currently residing with her father and twin sister in Field’s Corner, family is another priority in Ethiopiah’s life. With three older brothers, and an immeasurably large family, complete privacy is something Ethiopiah has yet been able to experience; however, aspirations to leave Boston for college has assured her that solitude will be something that she can expect in the near future. Ethiopiah desires to pursue a career in broadcast journalism, and hopes that her experience in public speaking as well as her participation in the William Ward Fellowship this summer with people who are constantly in the public eye, will give her the perspective that she needs in achieving this dream.

Ethiopiah’s sponsor is Governor Mitt Romney.