Born on a postcard perfect snowy day, Chris was raised in Taian, a mid-sized city, in the Shandong province in China. At the age of ten, Chris was whisked away to the United States (happily skipping 3-4 month of school in the process). In the pleasant city of Lexington, Kentucky, with its remarkably kind and sincere population, Chris was introduced to the American values and lifestyle. He then picked up fluent English in two years with the help of the ESL (English as a Second Language) program as well as a wide selection of cartoons, ranging from Power Rangers to Scooby Doo to his favorite, Ed, Edd ‘n’ Eddy. Chris then began a series of new schools, never staying in the same school for more than two years until BLS and making and losing a lot of friends along the way. Although Chris has always felt certain awkwardness about writing in the third person, he has bravely fought past it for special assignments.

Chris is an active member of the Wolfpack Volunteers, participating in most of the volunteering events, ranging from marathons to fundraisers. Chris is also a praefect, protecting the backdoor with much vigilance. He spends the weekends playing tennis in both the Dedham Athletic and Health Complex and Newton Boston Sports Club.

Chris loves listening to all genres of music, as well as political and free-talk radio, reading any book, playing tennis and football, practicing target archery, bothering his next door neighbor, falling down the stairs (it keeps him on his toes). and especially walking, running, and sitting in rain or snow. Despite being a pessimist and at times a bit of a cynic, Chris is fixed on changing the world, one step at a time.

Growing up in China taught Chris a great deal about the lack of balance in life and its harsh realities. Despite the major economic boom in recent years, outward appearance of control and general spread prosperity does not represent the truth as Chris sees it. Corruption is not uncommon in the central government and its branches, while poverty consumes the country side. Chris believes that most of the people are not dishonest to begin with but are corrupted by circumstances such as having to provide for their own families and keep them safe. A vicious cycle, no doubt, from any perspective. It is for these reasons that Chris is so fascinated by public service. Although America is not without its own faults, its government public services  and social programs are among the best throughout history. Thus, he hopes that his invaluable education and experiences here will help him to spread change and equality in China.

As for futures plans, Chris aims to attend a local college such as, Brandeis, Babson, Bentley, Boston College or Cornell. After graduate school, he hopes to return to China and take a part in the flourishing economy in Shanghai, Chongqing or Hong Kong through international business and financing while supporting and funding humanitarian efforts and grassroot movements.

The Ward Fellowship is the perfect experience for Chris to learn about the government from the inside while providing a rewarding sense of involvement. This summer Chris is interning in the Mayor’s Office.