Ashlyn Garry is a seventeen-year-old senior at Boston Latin School. She lives in West Roxbury with her father, mother, and sister (who was a Ward Fellow for the Honorable Roanne Sragow in 2003).

At Boston Latin, Ashlyn has excelled both academically and
extracurricularly. She is the News Editor of the Argo, the executive
director of Project Book-Net (a nonprofit organization that promotes literacy around the world by donating books and school supplies to people in need, including to the Boston Latin School/Project Book-Net Library in Ghana), and a member of the Yellow Submarine Improvisation Troupe. She also enjoyed spending time in the French and Italian clubs.

She has valued her five (soon to be six) year as a student at BLS,
particularly her various English, History and French classes. Ashlyn
hopes to attend a competitive university where both journalism and
international studies are offered, so that she can determine which will best suit her as a major.

Ashlyn has spent three weeks of each summer since 2003 as a student representative of the city of Boston. A program run by the
Boston-Strasbourg Sister City Association allows a limited number of Boston Public School students to meet with French students in Boston and in Strasbourg (located in a northeastern French province called Alsace) for three weeks every summer. Discussing everyday and international affairs with them strengthened her interest in the relationships of the international community. As an adult, she would like to promote a good international rapport that will, in return, benefit the lives of others.

A career in public service has always been how Ashlyn wanted to spend her future. Her parents’ jobs as a firefighter and a nurse showed her, at an exceptionally young age, the importance of helping others. They also stirred her to make a conscious decision to avoid a career path in which helping others or working for the common good is not its primary focus. As an adult, Ashlyn plans either to become a journalist or to work for the State Department. She wants to travel to different places all over the world and share what she learns with others, be it in articles for magazines or in reports for the US government. The skills she has gained in the Governor’s Press Office as a Ward Fellow for Lieutenant Governor Kerry Healey will be irreplaceable when she enters the professional world.