Meet the one and only Alexandra Allukian! Highly motivated, open-minded, conscientious, decisive, as well as goal-oriented are just a few adjectives used to describe this senior at Boston Latin School. Alexandra is an individual committed to both academic excellence and high athletic achievement.

Alexandra Allukian was born and raised in Jamaica Plain. She is the fifth of six children as well as the fifth child in her family to attend Boston Latin. She has attended the Boston Public Schools her entire educational career. She entered Boston Latin School in 1997 as a seventh grader and will graduate from Boston Latin School in 2003. As of now, Alexandra is learning about and researching her college options.

An individual committed to high academic achievement, Alexandra is a member of the National Honor Society as well as a member of the Student Council. She is also an active member of the Italian Club, Philosophy Club, and the Greek Cultural Club. Alexandra is a recipient of the National Greek Examination Merit Prize, Bette Demeter Prize (Highest School Grade in Greek I), two years in a row Gold Medal recipient of the National Latin Exam, as well as the Fidelity Award.

Not only does Alexandra excel in the classroom, but she also stands out on the athletic field. A dedicated athlete at Boston Latin School, Alexandra serves as captain of both the varsity soccer and basketball team. Just this past year, Alexandra was named by Dual County League as the Most Valuable Basketball Player of the Year. Alexandra has also been a Basketball League All-Star since the ninth grade.

As a result of being a student-athlete, Alexandra is a highly self-disciplined person with good study/time management skills, which enables her to volunteer on behalf of her community. Through the volunteer program, Cleansweep, Alexandra helps collect food and clothing for homeless shelters throughout the city of Boston. Throughout the course of the summer and fall of 2001, Alexandra volunteered her time and services to assist Elaine Rigas, a new and young city councilor candidate, in her race for a seat on the city council. She has also completed a college level workshop at UMASS Boston to further enhance her writing skills. Alexandra also participates in the Boston Neighborhood Basketball League, as well as represented Boston as a member of the Boston Basketball All-Star Team, which became National Champions.

Her career goal is to enter the medical profession as a physician. Medicine is a field in which she would be intellectually challenged, and be able to use her knowledge to provide a better quality life for others. As an athlete who has suffered pain and disability, and as a child of two parents in the health care field, she understands the impact that poor health can have on a person, and thus she appreciates the role of medicine and helping one live a better quality life.

Alexandra enjoys the sciences and her academic strengths are in physics, math, biology, and English. She enjoys reading books from all genres. Her skills and hobbies outside of academics and athletics include juggling, chess, backgammon, checkers, and cooking (and eating). She also enjoys long walks on the beach at sunset.

Alexandra became interested in pursuing a life in public service this past summer. Serving as a volunteer for Elaine Rigas, a young, energetic, and bright candidate in her race for city councilor proved to be an invaluable experience for Alexandra. Elaine Rigas was a woman who grew up in the Boston Public School System, like Alexandra, despite being from a small group. Ms. Rigas put her self out in front of the community, wanting to contribute to the city and the public. Her boldness, desire, and compassion were traits Alexandra admired. Make no mistake, the world will definitely be hearing more from this individual.

Alexandra’s sponsor is Thomas Finneran.