Adele was born in Brooklyn, New York in 1990 and moved to Boston at the age of 8, and currently resides in Hyde Park. She is a member of the Class of 2008.
Adele had always known ever since she was little that she wanted to do some form of public service, whether it had been dressing as a lawyer for career day or dressing up as a nurse for Halloween. She attended the William H. Ohrenberger Elementary School and then went on to the Mary E. Curley Middle School for a year and transitioned into the seventh grade at Boston Latin School. At school, she is an active member of the Caribbean Club, Student Council, Spoken Word, and has also been a tutor of the Saturday Success School, volunteer in the library, and a student tourguide. Adele also volunteered for NBC during the latter part of her junior year in the Digital Design Squad to aid in an experimental designing of an educational internet website. Next, she plans to expand her horizons by participating in Public Declamation and becoming more involved in the Amnesty International Club. Adele is also very active in her church, as a member of her church’s Youth Ministry.
Adele worked as a Teaching Assistant for the Steppingstone Foundation during the summer of 2006 and her experiences working with scholars who loved to learn and who aspired to strive for better made clear how much public service meant to her. She heard about the John William Ward Fellowship through her AP US History Teacher, Ms. Elliott, who had mentioned it to her class. From that moment, shew knew that she wanted to be apart of an experience which she viewed as a once in a life time opportunity. As an intern for State Representative Marie St. Fleur in the House of Ways and Means, Adele experienced firsthand the rewards, difficulties and responsibilities of a public servant having arrived at one of the most crucial times in the budgeting process. She has also realized how fulfilling public service is; whether it was watching Congress in session, political activists at work, or even speaking as a student host in the Representative House Chamber. Adele wants to serve as a voice for what many young people are feeling about society and our government today. She believes in being a role model for others, using the knowledge gained from the various public officials through the Ward Fellowship This will ensure that she is able to someday have the same effect on someone who aspires to help and provide a hand in the various forms of public service.
This summer, Adele’s sponsor is State Representative Marie St. Fleur.