Many people are unaware of who Ruthzee Louijeune actually is, but when they have the chance to speak to her they know what she is all about. During her short lifetime, she has seen the hindrances that society places on inner-city youth. She has vowed to not fit into society’s stereotype of who she is to be. Over the past few years, Ruthzee has evolved into a socially conscientious person and has continued to work for social justice and social change by firmly voicing her opinions and beliefs.

Ruthzee Louijeune is a sixteen-year-old African-American female of Haitian heritage. She lives in Hyde Park with her wonderful mother and father, along with her three sisters. Along with being an upcoming senior at BLS, she is a peer leader in her school and community. She loves people; there is no denying that. Each person has a different story, but each individual story is interesting. Along with people, Ruthzee loves basketball. Although she devoted five years of her life to playing this sport, she now prefers to watch her favorite team in action (The L.A. Lakers). Ruthzee has also been playing the piano for almost ten years now. Whenever she is bombarded with the common problems of adolescence, her piano is always able to bring her comfort.

Ruthzee is involved with many activities in her school, such as the Carribean Club, Cape Verdean Club, Key Club, Fashion/Talent Club, Student Council, Prom Committee, National Honor Society, and several others. Ruthzee has a special interest in these activities, but she has another activity that is very important: student government. Her fellow classmates have entrusted her with the responsibilities of Class Vice-President. Starting this summer, she is working on projects that will make everyone’s senior year a blast. She appreciates the confidence that her classmates have in her and promises to take her job very seriously so as to not let them down.

Ruthzee believes that she will do well in whatever career she chooses and she has several choices. While excelling in all academics, she takes a keen interest in languages, especially Latin and Greek, which would explain her desire to go into Classics. Ruthzee knows, however, that the world needs better leaders. She sees herself as one of these leaders whose devotion andleadership skills would work for the improvement of society. She looks at<br> the way matters are in this world and is disturbed by the lack of people working for peace and justice. This has generated her passion to enter the political arena. Although she cannot be sure of what she wants to do in her future, she knows that she will take whatever she learns at college and use that as her tool for combating the many problems of society. Ruthzee stated that her participation in the Ward Fellowship at State Representative Marie St. Fleur’s office allows her to see how a Haitian-American female like her, with whom Ruthzee shares many of the same ideas, deals with the issues facing the communities of Boston.

Ruthzee loves talking to people, so if one is to see her, do not be afraid to strike up a friendly conversation or a debate about pressing issues. Do it while you have the chance, because when you see her face on the cover of newspapers worldwide, you will have wished that you had gotten to know her.

Ruthzee Louijeune’s sponsor is State Representative Marie St. Fleur.