Born two months prematurely on October 7, 1991, Rebecca Nicole White has always been ready to make an entrance and ultimately change the world. Living in Dorchester almost all of her life, Rebecca was raised in a strong, academically focused family where her accomplishments and her person as a whole were continually praised. As a child she was always inquisitive, always wanting to know “why” something happened and most importantly “how” it was able to happen. Her inquisitive nature is something that is still existent today and has led to her interest in the events of the world around her.

As a child, she attended the Joseph Lee Elementary School where she excelled in academics and learned how to become an influential member in her community. It was there that she learned about the tragedies others faced in different parts of the world as well as in her own state and country. The principles she learned there have molded her into the person she is now, allowing her to try to make a difference in her community, even if only in the most minimal ways. It was also there that she participated in musical productions and learned to play the flute as well as the violin.

When Rebecca was in the 6th grade she began to participate in The Steppingstone Foundation, a non-profit organization that seeks to prepare their scholars for the rigorous environment of an exam or independent school, and it was there that she established life-long friendships and created bonds with others that she thought did not exist.

After experiencing the loss of multiple friends and family members by violence in her junior year, Rebecca was prompted to apply for the Ward Fellowship in hope to advocate for those who do not have a voice. After experiencing and seeing many injustices, she wished to learn new techniques and further her learning of law and government in hope that she could create a change that would provide justice and relief for those who have been wronged.

As a rising senior at Boston Latin School, Rebecca has participated in BLS’ Girls Group, which she is now the president of, as well as Fashion Talent where she has modeled and worked behind the scenes. Besides participating in extracurricular activities, she enjoys spending time with her friends and family and is an avid fan of movies and music. She hopes to take what she has learned in the Ward Fellowship and use it at BLS when the students rally together to achieve more student rights and perhaps educate those who also have interest in public service. After graduating from Boston Latin School in June of 2010, she plans to major in political science and psychology and perhaps even take a class in African American studies-a subject that she finds interesting.

This summer Rebecca is working with Police Commissioner Ed Davis at the Boston Police Headquarters. As a Ward Fellow, she works on community projects and attends community outreach meetings with various members of the staff.