Rashanna Roach was born and raised in Roxbury, Mass. She currently resides in Mattapan where she lives with her father and attends The Boston Latin School; she is a member of the class of 2007.
Rashanna is an active member of her school community. She is involved in The Spoken Word Club, The Yearbook Club, The Boston Latin Gospel Choir, which she has been a member of for 4 years, and recently, The African Cultural Club. She also volunteers in the Nurses Office at her school and you can often find her giving tours to perspective students, parents, and organizations. Next she plans to only be bigger and better and wants to join the Amnesty Group as well as run for class Vice President (wish her luck!!).
Rashanna is also active within her community and church community. She is involved in the W.E.B. Dubois Society, which is a program made to educate Black students on their history and brainstorm ways to help fix the present. She is also very active within her church family at Grant A.M.E. Church in Roxbury, Massachusetts. She is currently the president of the junior usher board at her church, and she is also the Junior and Young Peoples State President of the Interdenominational Church Ushers Association of New England, commonwealth of Massachusetts. She is a member of the choir at her church, the jr. evangelists board, Girls of Distinction ( the liturgical dance ministry) and the Y. P. D. (young peoples department).
Rashanna just recently realized that she wanted to pursue a career in public service. During her sophomore year, she knew many young people that were entered in juvenile detentions centers, but no “rehabilitating” was going on. So with this passion for helping young people and her natural talent of being outspoken, she decided to become a criminal defense lawyer for juvenile delinquents. After working with the Honorable Judge Patti B. Saris at the Moakley Federal Courthouse, she now knows that she is ready to become a lawyer and is more confident in her abilities to overcome any obstacles that might come her way. In the future, Rashanna plans to become an elementary school teacher, then enter Law School, and finally “do her thing.” She is also, thanks to the Ward Fellowship, considering holding a public office or being a guidance counselor at public high school (preferably in Washington D.C.).