Matthew Luongo was born in 1988 in Miami, Florida. He was born the only son to Arthur Luongo and Debra Kornbluh His mother was originally from New Jersey while his father came from Boston. Both parents have had a profound influence in shaping Matthew’s interests as well as his future goals and aspirations.

Matthew showed much promise in government service ever since he was young. He grew up watching his own parents helping others, which influenced his interest in public service. He believes strongly that it is the duty of a public servant to faithfully serve and protect the everyday citizens who have entrusted him as their representative, especially those who are disadvantaged and do not have anyone to speak for them. He always took a keen interest in history and has been strongly influenced by the legal profession since he comes from a family of attorneys, which extends two generations starting with his grandfather. He finds the study of law and government to be fascinating. Matthew feels that public service is important because he believes that having a hand in ongoing change is extremely important, whether it is the vote of a legislator or the letter of a concerned citizen.

While at Boston Latin, Matthew has been involved in varying clubs and activities. He is a musician in the Boston Latin School “Big Band” Jazz band and is also a member of the school’s sailing team. Additionally, Matthew volunteers to tutor students in different subjects after school. He is also a volunteer referee for soccer at Hill House community center in which he helps younger players better understand the rules of the game. Matthew’s one true love is of the ocean, he believes that it is one of the most calming and relaxing places on earth. He believes that giving something back to both his school and community is very important as it builds solid foundations and is a part of good citizenship. He has also taken advanced courses in World History, United States History, and Government. In addition to his love of history, he is also an avid follower of current events and world affairs. Matthew enjoys discussing such issues and is usually up to a spirited debate about them. All of these happenings he believes are critical for making well-informed decisions regarding the future. Matthew hopes to attend a good school after he graduates from Boston Latin in 2006. While he has no specific plans as to what he wishes to do after college, he knows that he will be serving his country in one way or another.

This summer, Matthew will be able to pursue his interest in law by working at the office of Massachusetts Attorney General Tom Reilly. He hopes to learn how a large-scale, government run, law organization works and is eager to better understand the role that the Attorney General plays in the Commonwealth.