Marlene Romero is a rising senior at Boston Latin School and will be part of the class of 2008. She was Born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts along with her twin sister, older brother and older sister. Both of her parents, Marilyn Pimentel and Michel Romero were born in the island of Dominican Republic. She currently lives in East Boston.

Marlene entered Boston Latin School as a beesie in ninth grade. The transition from East Boston’s Umana Barns Middle School to the establishment of Boston Latin was very difficult for her. Still she has continued to try her best. Although French and Latin were not her best subjects she has received an award for both subjects after excelling at national exams. While the academics at Boston Latin are not her biggest strength Marlene has been very active in school activities. She has been part of the French club since ninth grade, she has also been taking French since then. Marlene loves to work with kids and has tutored eighth graders struggling with Spanish. She has also been part of the Fashion Talent Club which she plans to be an officer of this coming fall. Marlene loves to sing and has also taken part in the Gospel Choir.

Marlene loves her church community which she is also very much involved in. She enjoys spending her Saturday mornings teaching First Communion classes to children as little as seven years old. She finds it a very rewarding experience. She graduated from two catechism courses she took this past year. Marlene is also a leader in a Church youth group. In this group she performs community service, organizes activities to get teens talking about community issues Catholicism and their selves along with other things such as fund raising and holding events for the church.

Marlene is very responsible when it comes to working and having a job. She worked as a radio journalist for Zumix Radio 1630 AM for the past year. It is a community radio station playing in East Boston and on the web. The radio station is part of an non profit organization in her community called Zumix which provides many musical and technical classes activities and work shops for teens as an outlet, it is very important to her. Because she worked well with her coworkers and demonstrated leadership qualities she was promoted to co producer of the show that was aired once a week. She is now in the chorus group that is organized at Zumix.

One of Marlene’s biggest beliefs is that we have been put on this earth to help one another. This is where her interest in public service comes in. Marlene is very curious about the government and the way public service is involved. She is taking government in the fall and is looking forward to see how her experience as a Ward Fellow will play a role in her ideas about the government.


This summer Marlene will be working in the Boston Housing Authority’s Office of Civil Rights with Michelle Ekenam.