Lindsey Wong is a member of Boston Latin School’s Class of 2002. She looks forward to completing her sixth and last year at School and pursuing higher education. She currently resides in Jamaica Plain with her parents and older sister.

Lindsey became involved in public service during her first year at Boston Latin. She tutored young students after school at the Josiah Quincy School through a government-sponsored program. While initially not wanting to tutor, she pursued the endeavor on account of her mother’s persistence and soon realized how fulfilling it can be to help others. Although the program ended after three years due to a lack of funding, she still continues to tutors others. She puts her time in aiding her fellow students both in and out of school and for Saturday Success School.

Lindsey also understands that doing little things can make a large difference. This is why she doesn’t mind helping other by performing tasks that may be seemingly minor. For example, she volunteered at New England Medical Center doing filing and photocopying, and by doing so, was she was able to free up other’s more valuable time. While at NEMC she also played with sick children in the Pediatrics Ward. She enjoyed just playing and entertaining these children simply because she knew that these small joys can mean so much to those who need them most. She currently tutors at the Brigham & Women’s Hospital.

Besides tutoring and volunteering, Lindsey likes to try different things. Her philosophy is that there’s a whole world out there and so a person should try a little bit of everything. With that in mind, she has taken Drawing and Composition Classes at the Museum of Fine Arts, and participated in various clubs and sports at School. She discovered her passion for running after joining the track team in 8th grade, and has continued since. She also joined the Cross Country Team last year.

This summer, Lindsey’s sponsor is Shannon P. O’Brien, the Treasurer-and-Receiver-General of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Lindsey hopes to learn more about the government and how it works as well as to be in a new environment. She also would like to continue her public service. Being a Ward Fellow is the perfect opportunity for her to do so.