Kanli Zhu graduated Boston Latin School in June 2002 and will be attending the McDonough School of Business at Georgetown University in the Fall of 2002. Interested in international relations and law, Kanli hopes to attend law school in the future.

Kanli Zhu was born in the large city of Hangzhou, a resort city in China that is famous for its West Lake and beautiful surroundings. At five years of age, Kanli and her mother followed her father to Washington, D.C. There, they lived for almost four years before moving to Philadelphia. Three years later found Kanli and her family with a new addition, baby brother Kevin. In addition, the family made a move to a Boston suburb, Brookline. After spending middle school at the Pierce School, Kanli passed the entrance exam to Boston Latin and entered the school in 1999 in class IV.

An active person, Kanli is involved in many activities both in school and out. A lover of art in all its forms, she has studied the piano for seven years, and both ballet and jazz dance for six years. In school, Kanli has participated in concert choir and has also been a member of the Boston Latin Cheerleading squad since her junior year. Kanli also has an intense interest in writing and literature, a contributing writer for the BLS Argo, the School’s newspaper. She has also served in the capacity of editorial board member, layout assistant, and associate editor for the Register, a literary magazine published by Latin School twice annually.

Kanli is also a member of the Model United Nations Team at BLS since her sophomore year. Kanli acquired the position of president during her senior year. This experience in international relations, negotiation and compromise has fostered and encouraged Kanli’s interest in serving the public and working toward a peaceful international community.

Exploring career options during her summers, Kanli has developed an appreciation for business when she interned at State Street Corporation. Spending both sophomore and junior summer interning at the company, Kanli has realized how important trade and business is to the economy, stability, and well being of a nation. This realization has interested her in exploring a career in corporate law and aiding foreign countries in developing economic relationships. Volunteerism is an important part of Kanli’s life. In middle school, she had devoted her time to the Chamberlain Nursing Home as a volunteer aid. In high school, Kanli has spent numerous hours tutoring seventh graders after school in subjects such as science, math, and english. Dedicated to BLS, Kanli has also volunteered regularly in both the guidance office and the library. Outside of school, Kanli spent many hours volunteering at Massachusetts General Hospital during the spring and summer of her junior year.

Scholastically, Kanli is a member of the National Honor Society. She has been awarded the gold medal in the National Latin Exam, and also placed second in the 2001 Massachusetts State Science Fair for her project entitled “The Potent Protein Power”. During her senior year, Kanli has also been awarded the Francis Gardner Debating Prize among other prizes for both debating, English and cheerleading.

Kanli’s sponsor is Jane Swift.