John Brendan Greene is a seventeen-year-old son of West Roxbury, who will be entering his senior year at Boston Latin in the fall. John is very interested in military history and loves to sail. He is applying to the Naval Academy for college.

John is active in the school newspaper, The Argo. He will be the editor in chief this fall. He also keeps himself busy by working on the learntoquestion.com website for the BLS Facing History and Ourselves course. To relieve stress, he sings with BLS’s all male a cappella group, the Wolftones. John is also working part-time at Courageous Sailing Center in Charlestown. He has spent over ten years sailing out of Courageous and in previous summers worked full time there. When he has some free time, he spends it sailing, reading history books and using his beloved Apple PowerMac G4 Cube.

After college, John wants to go into the Navy for a few years, possibly military intelligence. When he has completed this service, he would like to run for public office or work for the government.

John is interested in public service because his father works as a labor lawyer for the Federal Government. His name doesn’t appear in the press. He does not get a lot of notice for the work, but he continues to do his job because he loves it and feels that he is making a difference in the lives of the workers he fights for. This devotion to duty has inspired John to want to do the same thing, first in the Navy and then hopefully later in elected office.

John wanted to participate in the Ward Fellowship because it provides one with the opportunity to observe firsthand citizens who are currently involved in serving the public in a variety of areas.

Working at the Globe has provided John with an excellent opportunity to see how a huge newspaper runs everyday, and to learn lessons that he can bring back to The Argo in the fall.

John’s sponsor is Robert Turner.