As a member of class 2002, Jie Song is a very active student of BLS who contributes his share in clubs and teams not because he wants to fill space on college applications but because he wants to spend his high school years meaningfully.

An avid learner of the mathematics and computer sciences, Jie satisfies his appetite for math as a member of the BLS math team and shares his love of computer programming as the president of BLS Computer Society.

An upholder of community service values, Jie enjoys his volunteer work at St. Elizabeth Medical Center, his role as Saturday Success School at BLS, and his membership in the BLS Future Educators of America. Through these experiences, Jie hopes to contribute to his community while exploring possible career choices.

An admirer of literature and journalism, Jie samples writing submissions as a member of the Editorial Board of the Register and takes a bite of journalism as an editor of the BLS Argo. These positions have taught Jie much about the art of writing.

Finally, as an endeavoring student of BLS, Jie will spend his summer working in the office of the Honorable State Senate President Thomas F. Birmingham, where he hopes to gain an insight to politics and to make his summer as fulfilling an experience as he possibly can.