Helen Tu was born in 1988 in Kunming, a small city in southwestern China renowned for its “eternally spring” climate. At age eight, she immigrated with her parents to the United States. First they moved to Brookline, Massachusetts. Then, after several years moving between Boston suburbs and Boston proper, her family settled down in West Roxbury when Helen began her Latin School career in September 2002.

Beginning in Latin School as a B-sie was at first a tough adjustment. Her first year at Latin was her most difficult year trying to settle down and find a rhythm to life at the school. The next two years were easier to handle both academically and personally. She was able to juggle the work load with her other activities. She has participated on the Mock Trial Team the past three years going on to be co-captain in her Senior year. Helen has also volunteered at nearby Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. She moved from department to department while helping out with clerical and administrative duties.

Outside of school, Helen is very active in Park Street Church. It is through her family minister that she had her first tastes of service for others. During her Freshman summer, Helen traveled to Paraguay with a short term missions team to do construction work as well as a winter camp. When she came back from South America, she went to New Jersey and worked as a counselor at a camp for inner-city children. That summer was a defining summer because it showed Helen the progress that the country, as well as the world, needs.

This summer, Helen had the opportunity to work in the Governor’s Human Resource and Gubernatorial Appointments office. Not only did she have the chance to learn new skills around the office, but she also helped in the process of appointing people to executive committees/commissions. Working at the Massachusetts State House also allowed Helen to witness legislative hearings on key issues.

Her sponsor is Governor Mitt Romney.