Erin Durkin is a member of the class of 2004 at Boston Latin School. She lives in Hyde Park with her parents and younger sister. Both of her parents are involved in public service in some way–her mother as a teacher at a public elementary school, and her father as a school police officer–and have influenced Erin to realize the importance of this field. Erin has cultivated a deep interest in current events and politics for years, reading the newspapers almost religiously since seventh grade. She enjoys discussing local, national, and world affairs, and, though she is not sure in what capacity she wants to do so, she has come to believe that in the future she would like to influence the creation of public policy in some way.

Erin is quite active extracurricularly at BLS. Channeling her passion for discussion, she has been on the debate team since her sophomore year, dealing withissues ranging from the merits of oppressive government as opposed to anarchy to environmental protection in developing countries to academic freedom in U.S. high schools. Next year, she will be the co-captain of the team. She is also a founding member of FIDES, a club at BLS where students discuss various social issues and get involved in community service.

Erin enjoys writing, and she has contributed to both student publications at her school. She has written pieces for the Register, a literary magazine. This year, she served at an Editorial Writer for the BLS Argo, as well as writing several articles for the A&E section. Next year, she will be the Argos Assistant Forum Editor, and she hopes to help make the paper into a conduit of information for students, as well as a thought-provoking stimulus for discussion of controversial issues. In addition to participating in extracurricular life at BLS, Erin is committed to contributing to her community through volunteer service. Most significant has been her work with the Horizons Initiative, an organization devoted to enriching the lives of homeless children in the Boston area. She works weekly as a playspace activity leader at Brookview House in Dorchester, helping with the older kids homework and supervising and playing with the younger children while their mothers attend meetings on topics such as parenting skills and economic literacy.

Erin is somewhat impaired athletically, but she does enjoy skiing and swimming. She also enjoys reading, movies, spending time with friends, and most especially general frolicking in the sun. Erin’s Ward Fellowship sponsor is Lieutenant Governor Kerry Healey. She is working as an intern in the Office of External Relations and looks forward to a great summer.

Her Sponsor is Lieutenant Governor Kerry Healey.