Erica Shari Moise was born in Brigham and Women’s Hospital in 1990 to Haitian immigrants, George and Rose Moise. Living in Hyde Park her entire life, Erica attended Most Precious Blood School in Hyde Park from kindergarten through sixth grade.
September 2002 marked the next chapter in Erica’s life; it was the commencement of her BLS career. After receiving ghastly grades her first term, Erica managed to achieve the prestigious honor of Approbation her second term. For the remaining years of middle school, Erica managed to earn modest grades. During the ninth grade, Erica discovered her favorite show of all time, Law and Order. She became increasingly interested in the law and the way different parties interpret it. Her interest in law branched off from the show and she began to look at events from a legal perspective. Instead of skipping legal notices in the newspapers she read, she began to scour them and paid special attention to the language and wording. Erica became interested in sitting through court proceedings and paying close attention to what was happening. In any given conflict, Erica puts herself in the position of one opposing party and pictures herself defending its cause, and vice versa. By the end of ninth grade, Erica had decided to be a lawyer.
That summer, Erica participated in the Teen Internship Program at the New England Aquarium, her first job. Erica worked in the Gift Shop Department, and hated every day of it. She woke up every morning for work angry, not because she had had a bad night but because she had to go to work that day. She decided to never have a job like that again. That experience taught her discipline, perseverance, and the important fact that money is not worth the effort if you do not like the line of work you are in.
After conclusion of the summer program, Erica reapplied to work at the aquarium this time in the Visitor Education Department. There she learned a great amount of marine biology and a fondness began to grow in her toward the Aquarium. By the end of the school year, Erica was looking forward to another summer at the Aquarium in the Visitor Education Department.
That summer Erica enrolled in a College Workshop class at the Aquarium, where she learned the inside scoop on choosing a college, the college process, and how to spend a productive junior year. At the close of the summer, Erica made the grave decision to not reapply for this position again in the fall in order to focus on her grades.
Erica spent her junior year focusing on earning high grades and getting involved in extracurricular activities. She received an extraordinary amount of mail from colleges and initiated her own college search. She decided to look at colleges in urban cities outside of Boston. Although recognizing that Boston is “America’s College City”, Erica would like to attend college in Philadelphia, Chicago, Baltimore, Washington DC or New York City. Erica realizes that for her own personal growth, she must leave the familiar streets of Boston and live in a completely new city.
In college, Erica plans to major in Political Science. This summer she has worked in the office of State Representative Linda Dorcena Forry, and has seen firsthand the importance of public service and how rewarding that line of work is. Though she may not have hit the hammer on the nail by working in a politician’s office instead of a law office, Erica sees that both sectors have similar themes of public service. When asked the question, “What kind of lawyer will you be?”, Erica always responds, “I don’t know.” She is still undecided as to what kind of laws she plans to practice, but she still has time to figure it out.