Donna-Lee Destouche was born in an island in the Caribbean called the Commonwealth of Dominica. Donna-Lee lived there for twelve years then she immigrated to the United States of America with her mother and two younger brothers in 1997. She lives in Mattapan and is now a member of the class of 2003 at Boston Latin School.

Donna-Lee is involved and has been involved in many community activities. She is a member of Teens Against Tobacco, which is an anti-tobacco advocacy group working in Codman Square. She is a member of Grace Church of All Nations as well as a member of the Grace dance team. Donna-Lee is a member of Sisters Reach Out To Stop Cancer, which consists of young women bringing information to the females of the faith-based community about cervical, breast, and lung cancer.

When Donna-Lee isn’t working or attending school she is out having fun. Apart from dancing, she loves to hang out with her friends, listen to music, shop, read, write, meet people, draw, plan events, and travel. She listens to all kinds of music, likes writing fictional stories and she loves nature. The most beautiful places she hasseen have been places created by nature. The most interesting trip she took was her trip to Martinique with her class when she was still attending school in Dominica.

Since she enjoys the company of people and traveling she plans to major in international public relations. Among other schools, she is currently looking at Georgetown as a potential institute to further her knowledge after high school.

The person who has been the most influential in Donna-Lee’s life has been her mother, Amelia Destouche. She is the single parent of three children, two boys and one girl. She has worked hard all her life sacrificing all she could to give her children a better life. She is the most giving person Donna-Lee knows, giving when she has little in posession to give. Her generosity and compassion has made Donna-Lee a better person in this day and age, and her great advice and morals she enstiled in her children have taught them how to survive.

After working in the Public Relations Office at Codman Square Health Center and Teens Against Tobacco, Donna-Lee became very interested in public life. She enjoyed the company of the people she served and really felt good about helping people solve their problems. She also felt ecstatic about bringing the community together for certain community events. These valuable experiences have sparked an interest in the public sector. Thus, Donna-Lee applied to the John William Ward Public Service Fellowship and attained a space with fourteen other students.

Donna’s sponsor is The Honorable Judge Patti Saris.