Born on November 15th 1991, Cinique Ahmad Weekes grew up in Dorchester, Massachusetts and has lived there all of his life. During his early childhood, he was raised by his mother Wendy and father Peterson who are of Barbadian descent. Even though Cinique was not born in Barbados, he has always felt close to the culture and he loved the island very much. He would travel to Barbados quite often and the country felt like it really was his second home. Cinique lived under a very strict yet loving household. His parents made it their daily routine to read a book before he went to bed every night and everyday after school. Before watching any T.V., he had to have all of his homework done. At night his mother made it imperative that she checked his homework for mistakes and misconceptions, and if there were any he would have to redo it until it was completely fixed. All of this work that his parents went through made him the strong individual he is today.
Even though later in his lifetime his parents got divorced and his father moved out, this never discouraged him to be all that he could be, there was nothing that he could not achieve. Leaving a small catholic school in the heart of Dorchester after 6th grade and moving on to Boston Latin School for the 7th grade was a great challenge for him. Being an honor student and always being top of his class in his small catholic school made it quite a challenge coming into this new school. Not knowing anyone and having to learn new things made him become slightly intimidated. But as he always does, he adapted and flourished into what he is now, an excellent student and a confidant to all of his friends. As a rising senior to graduate in 2010, he has and still does push many barriers and takes on many challenges, such as becoming officer of the Fashion Talent Club for the 2009-2010 school year, Head Principle player of the Bass section of the Philharmonic Orchestra 2 years in a row, and is going to be taking on two AP classes this fall. This may seem too much for others, but as Cinique continuously does, he takes on all of his tasks with the highest of self expectations and confidence. Daily he gives back to the community by working at the John Marshall Elementary School conducting an after school program while juggling the rigorous work schedule from Boston Latin with high expectations.
On April 16th of 2009, instead of partying like other 16 and 17 year-old kids of his caliber would, Cinique decided to take an educational trip with other children in Spanish 3 and 4 Honors classes. He went to Spain, traveling to Madrid and Barcelona to learn about how different cultures operated in comparison to America. Cinique loved the Spanish culture and appreciated every moment that he spent in Spain knowing that not many could be in the same position that he was in at that moment.
He was not always as interested in Law as he is today. He once used to love computers and video games and wanted to make a living in the technical field. But one day one of his family members stated “you love to argue and always make your point correct no matter what, and you should be a lawyer.” This made him more and more interested in the judicial system and what it means to be a lawyer. He took a special interest in the studies of law and politics, which led him to applying for the acceptance into AP Government and Politics. This will broaden his understanding of the working of the United States government. When he heard that he could potentially be working with some of the most prestigious public servants in the state of Massachusetts, he jumped at the opportunity to apply for the Ward Fellowship. This understanding had also led him to his previous summer job with the Boston Bar Association working for a corporate law firm. This summer he is working for the District Attorney, Daniel Conley at the Children’s Advocacy Center. He is interested in attending Boston University or George Washington University in the fall of 2010 to major in political science.