Cheng Zong was born in 1992 in Beijing, China. He moved to Germany when he was 3 years old and after living there for about 6 ½ years he and his family moved to Brookline, Massachusetts. There he attended Pierce Elementary School and then took the ISEE to enter Boston Latin School in 7th grade. This fall marks the beginning of his senior year at Boston Latin School.

At Boston Latin School his favorite subject is History, and least favorite subject is Latin, which he was forced to take for 4 years. He has been spending most of his free time doing homework. He is a proud member of the Yellow Submarine Improv Troupe, which he has been a part of since his freshman year. He is also involved in EPIIC, which is a program in partnership with Tufts University that tries to simulate a real international conference among nations.

He became interested in public service through a summer program that he participated in during his sophomore year called Suburban Justice. Suburban Justice is a program that teaches people about the problems of the society that we live in and about organizing our society. This program made him more interested in helping people, and he realized that the best way to make a difference and change somebody’s life is through working with the government.

Cheng is currently interning for Inspector General Gregory Sullivan.