Born March 14, 1990, Andrew Connors has been a resident of Boston his entire life.  He is currently living in Charlestown with his mother, Julie, his stepfather, Michael, and his two younger siblings, Amanda and Travis. Residing in Charlestown since the day of his birth, Andrew has gained quite a strong attachment to his community, and since an early age he has been extremely active within it. Whether it was rising in the Boys and Girls Club from membership for 10 years to eventually joining the full time staff, going from Little League player to umpiring his younger brother’s games, or taking on the lead role in a theater production, Andrew has always enjoyed putting his full effort into everything he does. He feels a strong sense of accomplishment as a positive role model  not only for his younger siblings, but also for the other children in his neighborhood as well. He tries to show others a path to success and happiness. Andrew honestly cares for his community and hopes one day to be able to give back an ounce of what he has received, particularly from the Charlestown Boys and Girls Club, a place that has meant so much to him both personally and professionally. It is there that Andrew made some of his first friends, it is there that he learned to get along with others, it is there that Andrew got his first job, and it is there that he received the type of positive and willing attitude from older role models that he hopes he can convey to others.

Recently graduating from Boston Latin School as a member of the National Honor Society, Andrew cannot believe how far he has come. It is amazing to see the difference between that young, twelve year old sixie and the mature graduate he has now become. Latin School was not an easy experience by any means for Andrew. Coming from a small Catholic school of under 200 students and going to a school of well over 2,000 was an enormous leap. It definitely provided an obstacle. Taking a little time to become adjusted and struggling at first, Andrew soon found his niche at the Latin School. He embraced this academic, as well as social, challenge head on and found that this was a place of potential and opportunity. Whether it was playing the clarinet in the Latin School Band or swinging the links on the Latin Varsity Golf Team, Andrew has taken advantage of what the school has had to offer and he is extremely grateful for it all. He has felt most honored as a representative of Boston Latin on C-SPAN’s television program, “Live from Washington.” Andrew, as much as he may jokingly deny it, will surely miss being a student at the Latin School, but anybody could tell you for sure he will continue to be an active member of its community for years to come.

Growing up and going to school in a city and town with such a rich past, history has always been a passion for Andrew. He enjoys taking trips to both the Bunker Hill Monument and the U.S.S. Constitution, as well as many more places of great historical importance in his community and city. It is through this passion for history, that Andrew discovered a desire to one day become active in government and public service. He feels that anybody can make a difference and have a major impact on the future if they work to their full potential. Whether Andrew’s impact is large or relatively small in the grand scheme of things is not particularly important to him. What is important is that he is able to make any difference at all, and better the lives of those living now or those of the future.

As a Ward Fellow, Andrew is working in the Office of the Inspector General, Gregory W. Sullivan, and knows this invaluable experience will have a significant impact on his future. He plans to major in History and take classes in Political Science when he attends Providence College starting in the fall.