Analisa Smith-Perez is a member of the class of 2003 at Boston Latin School, which she had attended since the seventh grade. She resides in Jamaica Plain with her parents and two younger brothers. Throughout her life, Analisa has possessed a desire to excel in both her studies as well as in life’s various tribulations. She is a member of the National Honor Society, Student Council, Key Club, Dance Club, and the Walks For Life Club. She also participates on the Cheerleading Squad and has been a ballet dancer at the School of Classical Ballet for the past twelve years. She realizes that the education that she receives at Latin will likely open many doors for her in the future. Sadly, Analisa is also aware that for many reasons, not everyone has been given the same opportunities that she has in her life and therefore it is important for her to give back. During her time at Latin she has tried to make a difference both in school and in the community even if it is in small ways. She has tutored in school, and has felt the satisfaction of helping students when they are having a hard time in class. She has also belonged to a volunteer club and has been fortunate enough to contribute her time to various places such as soup kitchens, food pantries, churches, a Salvation Army holiday event or various walk-a-thons. Volunteering made her realize that one truly gets back more than one gives.

Analisa recognizes the fact that it is extremely important to work hard in school. However, in order to live a well balanced life, one must venture into the "real world" and experience things on a first-hand basis. Two summers ago, she spent an extremely memorable six weeks in the town of Badajoz, Spain. It is there that she lived with a warm family who aided her in realizing her love of foreign culture and travel. The final week of her trip to Spain consisted of exploring the history-filled cities of Cordoba, Seville, Barcelona, and Madrid. She cherishes those memories and is looking forward to spending a year abroad in Spain or perhaps another Spanish speaking country.

Sometime in her future, Analisa is exploring her options of where she would like to attend, but she is interested in the University of Pennsylvania, Georgetown, and Princeton. She is planning on studying political science and international studies.

She believes that in order to address today’s problems and impact future developments, “one must act as if one can make a difference” today. One must persevere and continue breaking down that stone wall of inequality and work towards giving everyone equal opportunity to achieve their dreams. It is critical to act as if the obstacles and barriers are not impenetrable in order to amend the wrongdoings of so many. Analisa desires to work hard towards making positive change and reaching out to others. She wants to see, first-hand, the ways in which these public officials respond to current, problematic issues. By being a Ward Fellow, she will gain knowledge from experts and transfer this knowledge back to situations that she will encounter in the future. Perhaps, most importantly, the methods used to ensure justice and equality will greatly inspire and push her to enact similar methods in her various communities, and help make more opportunities for less advantaged people.

Analisa is interested in public service because it not only affects the community as a whole, but because it especially affects the lives of the common people. She hopes someday to see more changes in areas such as housing, education, job training, and health care in order that everyone be given the chance to be a productive member of society.

She is extremely interested in public service as her future profession. She cannot wait for the day when all receive the same treatment and subsequently equal opportunities. "One must act as one can make a difference" is a quote that describes the willpower to change the shortcomings and imperfections of society. The quote must be acted upon now, and that is something that she is strongly committed to making as part of her life goal.

Analisa’s sponsor is Dr. Howard Koh.