Alexandra, or Alex, as she likes to be called, grew up in Melrose, Massachusetts. She was blessed to live in a beautiful, Victorian house with a big yard and her very own tree house with her mother, father, sister, and dog, DaVinci. For her, family has always been huge. Both of her parents are people of admiration who made sure she and her sister got proper educations and they were always surrounded by love. Math problems at the dinner table followed by friendly tickle fights were common in her home as a child. Alex’s parents taught her morals that she holds close to her heart still today, and she always will. They taught her the values of family, friendships, and hard work.
Alex’s future plans, as of now, are undecided. She knows she will be attending a medium sized college in a big city, but she is not sure which one yet. Possible majors may be anything from marine biology, interior design, to public chief. Alex thinks she is too young to really know what exactly she wants to do with her life. Right now, she is just figuring out what she is really interested in and what will make her happy.
The reasons for why Alex is interested in public service are simple. She has always loved helping people and truly thinks that one person can make a difference. Helping people has always been a top priority for her. From a young age, Alex has been a naturally friendly person. Also, both of her parents have held positions in state government for many years. Her father worked in state government managing affordable housing programs for seventeen years. Now, he holds the position of president of a nonprofit corporation that helps to finance affordable housing all over Massachusetts. Alex’s mother also worked in housing finance in the state government. Prior to that, she worked in the federal government for congressman Gerry Studds in Washington, D.C. Also, she feels that as a young person it is truly her responsibility to make a change. Young people are the future and they must make the changes they wish to see in their community. Alex has always wanted to use her leadership skills and interest in government to make a difference. She believes that she is the people because she is the future.
Ms. Flatley is interested in her sponsor, James Hunt, Chief of Environmental Services and Energy, for many reasons. For the past two summers, Alex has worked at the New England Aquarium in the Visitor Education Department. She had to learn about all the animals in the aquarium and she was certified to give many different types of presentations on the animals. To learn about the animals, Alex had to learn about the environment. This sparked an interest for her. She wants to expand her knowledge of the environment, what people can do to make the needed change, while discovering working in city government.
Throughout Alex’s life, she has overcome many obstacles and learned from them. These obstacles and choices have made her who she is today, a natural leader eager to learn who loves helping people. Alex works in public service because of this. She hopes to thrive this summer and learn a great amount about the environment, while exploring the world of city government.