Adrian Leung was born in 1984 in the city of Hong Kong. He and his family immigrated to the United States in 1991. He attended the Harvard Kent Elementary School and then the Clarence Edwards Middle School. He entered the Boston Latin School in the seventh grade and looks forward to graduating with the Class of 2002.

Adrian has been an active member of the Chinese Baptist Church in Quincy since the age of seven. He was elected chairman of the Youth Leader Fellowship in 1998, and in 2000 he was elected chairman of the Timothy Fellowship. The Timothy Fellowship is a fellowship of teens ranging from 13-19. He took on the challenge because he felt he could make a difference, and under his leadership there were many organized activities that were beneficial to the teens of his church, such as trips to out-of-state colleges.

Adrian has spent two summers volunteering at the Boston Medical Center. He had the fortunate opportunity to work at the Urgent Care department where he had contact with many doctors, nurses, social workers and patients. He found it very rewarding to be able to help those who are in difficult circumstances.

He volunteered at Tech Boston in 1999 and he was a teaching assistant for a class that taught computer and web building skills to current teachers of the Boston Public School system. He enjoyed helping people and building their confidence. After school, Adrian volunteered at the Oak Street Youth Center in Chinatown, tutoring younger students, many of whom were new immigrants to the United States. He took pride in being able to help those who found themselves in a situation similar to his own only few years earlier. Adrian wants to show other immigrant children that they can overcome the obstacles and challenges they face every day.

During his career at the Boston Latin School, Adrian was involved in a number of school activities. He taught Macromedia Flash Computer Animation classes after school. The Boston Latin School Association generously provides support for his classes and he is planning to pursue his 3rd year of teaching in the spring of 2002.

Adrian has also worked with the Asian community within the Boston Latin. He is currently the student president of the Boston Latin School’s Asian Students in Action organization (ASIA). It is a student organization, which deals with many issues of life as Asian youth. Adrian has also devoted his time to reaching out to students outside of the Boston Latin Community with the ASIA website which he created. He hopes to inspire others to take on similar initiatives within their own communities. BLS ASIA was featured and commended for its work and attitude by Positive Teen Magazine. Adrian and his excellent team of student coordinators also organized the annual BLS Asian Night. Asian Night 2001 was one of few student organized and student run events that produced an audience of more than 800 people.

Adrian became a Ward Fellow because he loves to meet and interact with different people. He considers the Ward Fellowship beneficial because it provides hands-on experiences in the field of public service. Furthermore he honestly believes that he can make a when given the opportunity.

Adrian will begin his senior year at the Boston Latin School in the fall of 2001, and will be guided by his two key life questions: “What do I have to offer to others” and “How can I use what I have learned from others to the best of my ability?”

His sponsor this year is Boston Mayor Thomas M. Menino.