Adam Weiss will be a senior at the Boston Latin School in the fall. He will be applying to a number of colleges and universities, such as Yale, Dartmouth, Duke and Georgetown, though he hopes to attend the University of Pennsylvania. He plays an active role at the Boston Latin School, participating in many aspects of student life. He works on and writes for both school-based publications, The Argo and The Register. In fact, he acted as Assistant Sports Editor for The Argo this past year. In addition, Adam was recently inducted into the National Honor Society, an honor he holds in high regard.

He also enjoys athletics, and plays a variety of sports on both an organized and unorganized level. He has played football at the Boston Latin School since his Freshman year, and he was the Captain of the Junior Varsity team as a Sophomore. This upcoming fall, Adam will play his second season as a member of the varsity team. He is also passionate about the sport of basketball, and enjoys playing informally on a regular basis. When not devoting himself to his work, Adam enjoys reading, writing, and spending time with his close friends.

Adam hopes to pursue a career in some form of government or public service. He was greatly affected by the attacks of September 11th, as they heightened his awareness of government, and the role it will play in preserving the positive future of the nation, and of mankind. He hopes to be able to play a positive role in the future of his nation, hopefully through a position in government, either local or national. He truly believes that in helping a single person, no matter how trivial it may seem, one can make the entire world a better place. In the words of John William Ward himself, “One must act as if one can make a difference.”

Adam lives in Jamaica Plain with his parents. He is an only child.

Adam’s sponsor is Daniel Conley.