Adam Feeney is a member of the class of 2005 at Boston Latin School. Born in 1986, Adam has lived in Dorchester his whole life with his parents and two older brothers. Adam has always been interested in the world of public service since a very young age. Starting in the third grade, Adam would begin the day by reading about current events and upcoming elections in the paper and watch the Today show before heading off to school. Not really knowing where this interest in public service came from, Adam decided to explore the realms of public service further at a Saturday school at Milton Academy in the fourth grade. There he learned the basics of law and medicine, not to mention photography and acting (although he was reluctant to be part of the acting program.) At Milton Academy Adam learned that being a lawyer or a doctor wasn’t just about having a lucrative income; many who go into these professions dream about helping others. This idea became the driving force behind Adam’s future plans in terms of a career. After entering Boston Latin School in the seventh grade, Adam began volunteering at the Hebrew Rehabilitation Center for the Aged in Roslindale. From there, Adam became a tutor for Project DEEP at the Murphy School in Dorchester. He has been a tutor at this program for the past three years and will continue in his senior year. Also, before becoming a Ward Fellow, Adam worked at the New England Aquarium and has done so for the past two years. Recently, Adam has been interested in journalism and writing in general–fueled in part by his junior year writing AP class and has become part of the editorial board of Latin’s literary magazine, The Register. Adam will be able to explore his new interest by working in the Editorial Page office of the Boston Globe this summer as a Ward Fellow. Adam’s favorite subjects at Boston Latin have been English, History and his AP Composition class. Still mostly clueless of where he wants to attend college, Adam knows that wherever he ends up, he will most likely be studying political science, law, journalism or business. Adam also hopes that he will have the opportunity to study abroad in Australia while in college. Always being asked if he is related to the City Councilor of the same surname, Adam has also been told several times that he looks and acts like a politician. Adam, however, is skeptical of comments like these, considering others have compared him to Eminem, Tom Cruise, and Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius. Adam will be working in the Editorial Page of the Boston Globe this summer.

Adam’s sponsor is the Deputy Managing Editor of the Editorial Page, Robert Turner.